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Added Energy Coat - Please keep in mind that it currently does not check for reduction validity (e.g. Acid Bomb also gets reduced), much like Defending Aura & Auto Guard! (need a full list of skills that ignore EC/DA/AG to fix this)
To any Firefox 3.5 user: Firefox's new Javascript engine "Tracemonkey" which was recently implemented appears to have some (calculator relevant!) bugs. If you want to properly use this calculator, you will have to switch to the older Javascript engine. To do so, enter about:config in your address bar and set javascript.options.jit.content to false. Please restart Firefox after that
Added all changes up until 2010-06-03 (all correct KVM overupgrade bonuses), PLUS! finally got around to adding many iRO specific gears - one note though: be aware that savefiles with any of those gears equipped will get corrupted (in the sense that you won't have that gear equipped anymore) everytime I merge a new update from the original calcx

RO Calculator



Weapon Settings

Monster Combat Simulation


Enemy Extras
Perfect Dodge+
Demi-Human Resistance %
Long-range Resistance %
Elemental Resistance %
Elemental Resistance %
Defending Aura
Auto Guard
Max HP +
Max HP% +
Energy Coat
Shield Reflect
Additional Reflect (Equip/Card) %

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